Mobile apps

GPS Server Mobile

Mobile app is a simplified version of a fully featured desktop account.

  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices;
  • Real time location of connected devices;
  • Review history tracks for the last 7 days;
  • Review important events;
  • Remotely control devices;
  • Receive instant push notifications;
  • Multilingual interface.


GPS Server Mobile configuration

After downloading and installing GPS Server Mobile app, follow steps below:

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker app allows to track Android and iOS devices.

  • Track device online in real time;
  • No special equipment required;
  • Record and review tracks;
  • Find lost phones;
  • Personal safety;
  • Helps to keep track of your kids;
  • Save money for business owners.


GPS Tracker configuration

After downloading and installing GPS Tracker app, follow steps below:

  • Run GPS Tracker app;
  • Make sure GPS and Internet connection is activated on device;
  • Go to GPS Tracker app settings and write down IMEI;
  • Create account in;
  • Add device to account by entering device name and IMEI number;
  • In GPS Tracker application Settings select correct server where your account was created (;
  • In GPS Tracker app click "Start tracking" button;
  • Wait couple of minutes for the device to get GPS data. To get best results, do it outdoors. Inside building GPS signal can be week or missing;
  • After couple of minutes you will see location of your device in GPS tracking account (

To improve battery life, set the tracking interval to at least 60-120 seconds.

Application control using commands

To use "Command control" feature, it must be enabled in GPS Tracker application settings. Device will check and execute new commands every 120 seconds (default interval).

  • Login to your account;
  • In top panel find command prompt icon near map selection;
  • To stop tracking, enter command name: "Stop Tracking";
  • As command select "ASCII" and enter "tracking_stop";
  • Select your object and click "Send";
  • Now command is sent for execution and once device receives - it will be executed;
  • Command delivery period depends from "Command check interval" setting on your device.

Available commands for GPS Tracker

  • tracking_start - starts device tracking;
  • tracking_stop - stops device tracking;
  • position_interval,10 - sets position sending interval to 10 seconds, lowest interval is 5 seconds;
  • command_interval,120 - sets command check interval to 120 seconds, lowest interval is 60 seconds.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway app converts Android device to SMS server. Deliver important notifications via SMS.

  • SOS;
  • Zone in/out;
  • Route in/out;
  • Over-speeding;
  • Engine status;
  • Maintenance reminders;
  • Control GPS tracking devices over SMS commands.


SMS Gateway configuration

After downloading and installing SMS Gateway app, follow steps below:

  • Run SMS Gateway app;
  • Make sure Internet connection is activated on device;
  • In SMS Gateway application go to "Settings" and select correct "Server" where your account was created;
  • Set SMS Gateway identifier in application "Settings". Identifier can be found in your account "Settings/SMS";
  • Click "Start SMS Gateway" in SMS Gateway application.

Application settings

  • Server - select server where your account was created;
  • SMS Gateway identifier - 20 character long identifier used to identify SMS Gateway, it can be found in your account "Settings/SMS";
  • SMS check interval - time period after which application is checking for new SMS messages to send;
  • Number filter - if set for example to +370 it will allow to send SMS messages to numbers which start with country code +370;
  • Total sent SMS messages - counter of total sent SMS messages, click on it to reset.