GPS server

A technologically advanced world can help improve property and personal protection. One of the most intriguing technologies is GPS tracking which is used in various areas.

School bus tracking

GPS tracking is applicable for school bus greatly affects school transportation such as its route, speed, location and so forth. In addition, our school bus tracking solutions will increase performance and improve safety.

Find lost phone

Mobile phone industry has opened up significant opportunities to access internet, record videos, take photos, share information and track location of device. Modern smartphones have GPS (Global Positioning System) which can be accessed by various apps and used for different purposes. With GPS server tracking app easily find location of your phone.

GPS tracking system

We offer a unique GPS tracking system that meets even most demanding client's needs and wants. GPS tracking system – there will be obvious advantages of having a GPS tracker in your car. GPS technology can be used in combination with GPS tracking system to get most out of location tracking.

Monitor heavy machinery

GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment

Heavy machinery is widely used in construction, waste and mining areas. To maximize efficiency, such equipment requires constant supervision which is a challenging task. GPS tracking can help gain full control over the fleet. Manage various reports to prevent excessive fuel consumption, equipment misuse, harsh driving or even theft.

GPS tracker for seniors

Taking care of elderly people

With the current world situation taking care of seniors becomes a task of high priority. Many times urgent help was not provided due to the impossibility of informing loved ones in cases of emergency.