GPS server

A technologically advanced world can help improve property and personal protection. One of the most intriguing technologies is GPS tracking which is used in various areas.

GPS tracker is a device which detects position, speed, altitude, have inputs and outputs for connection of sensors and additional equipment. Interaction between device and owner is done using SMS messaging or call which will return SMS message with location data, speed and other basic information. Basic usage via SMS is not so convenient and here GPS server becomes handy.

GPS server is online service which is used to connect GPS tracking devices and monitor real time location on the map. GPS server collects data 24/7 and client can access past and real time information, generate reports, get notifications, remotely control devices and use other great features. GPS server can be accessed via standard web browser, no additional plugins or programs needed. Create personal account, connect your GPS tracking device and you are ready to use powerful online service to track vehicles and people.

GPS server account has map to monitor location of the objects. Single account can be used to track the entire fleet. Create events to get notifications and reminders. Generate daily, weekly or request on demand reports. GPS server has number of features which will change perspective to protection and security.

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