GPS tracker for seniors

Statistically, up to 60 percent of persons with Alzheimer’s will wander at least once during the course of their disease, and many will wander periodically multiple times. There are many ways to help seniors from being lost and reduce the “find time”, one of them is location tracking offered by GPS tracking technology.

GPS tracking is a very useful technology, which can be used in many ways. GPS tracking is especially handy for elderly people care, it allows nursing home workers, private caretakers, and family members to easily locate seniors if they get lost or confused. It is a fast and effective way to help elderly individuals in case of a fall or in need of a medical emergency, while the phone can’t be accessed. GPS tracking devices have an SOS button, which will notify relatives with exact location, so they can react instantly.

Zones of all shapes and sizes can be digitally set to restrict an object to a prescribed geographic region. Our tracking software will send alerts to your email and/or mobile device when a tracked person enters or leaves a fenced zone. In addition, alerts will be sent at the push of a button in case of emergency, so your loved ones feel safe.

GPS location reporting device and tracking software give independence and secureness to seniors and their families. A personal GPS tracking device fits easily on a belt, lanyard, bracelet, or another accessory so the elderly person can wear and use it at all times. Two-way communication ensures maximum safety and usability.

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