Monitor heavy machinery

Heavy machinery is widely used in construction, waste and mining areas. To maximize efficiency, such equipment requires constant supervision which is a challenging task. GPS tracking can help gain full control over the fleet. Manage various reports to prevent excessive fuel consumption, equipment misuse, harsh driving or even theft.

Professional GPS devices and tracking software gives extra control over the fleet. Track live location on map, get data from internal and external sensors, monitor vehicle’s on-board computer, receive notifications, generate reports, overview stored history information.

GPS server has various features to log driver’s activity, driving behaviour, monitor completeness of work. Collected information is available as a report which can be saved locally and used for periodic analysis. Data analysis can greatly improve work and resource optimisation of the company.

Get more confidence with GPS server event system and remote object control. Flexible event system sends instant notifications via email and SMS, informing owner about planned or unplanned behaviour to take immediate actions.

Remote object control makes it possible to gain control over the vehicle from any place in the world. Such functionality gives remote assistance possibility or can help to prevent unwanted behaviour, misuse or theft.

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